Customer Insights

Customer Insight mistakes to avoid


Always there is a buzz about customer insights in business meetings, how important they are and how they can improve business statistics. But somehow it is one of the least matters where a business concentrate after planning. Often this leads to negligence of most common core mistakes which ultimately causes failure of insight powered marketing.

So here are few common mistakes which upon negligence result in failure to develop powerful insights.
Mistake 1: Single research is not enough.

Relying only on a single piece of source or data is not the right way to start customer insight process. Developing Customer insight is basically the integration and analysis of data gathered from all channels about a topic.

As a final process, the data is collected, segregated and then filtered out depending upon different cases and is shown in a presentable form.

Data from all the technologies like identity as a service, Heat map, Web Analytics, Email Marketing Analytics etc if combined can give accurate customer insights.

Single source can be considered as half knowledge, which is dangerous. It is not healthy for a business to run on such incomplete data.

Mistake 2: Not embracing dynamic behaviour

Customer insights are based on customer behaviour. So whenever there is a change in customer behaviour, it directly impacts business results. So another big mistake is not analyzing behaviour insights. User insights based on customer behaviour usually has some root elements which are attached to their behaviour, which needs to be understood and used in marketing.

Mistake 3:  Insight professionals for the rescue

An additional analytics team for analyzing the insights because insights will have different behavior based predictions and data which a single person cannot understand. This team should have professionals which know the data and results well.

So these are the most common mistakes business make while implementing customer insights into their business. So keep these points in mind and comment below if you have any other questions.



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