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Some Benefits Of Single Sign-On

As the internet becomes more and more common in this digital era, different services are being introduced that makes internet user’s experience better. Now, as you are using the internet, you have to create accounts on different online websites and applications. For an example, you have accounts on many social media networks like on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. And for all such platform, you need to create accounts with different username and password. Logging into different services one by one every day is an annoying job for the internet users.

In the same order, employees at many organizations have to access different applications on a daily basis. Creating accounts and accessing services on many applications is a big challenge for the users. First, they have to create accounts, secondly, they have to remember a different set of credentials and third, they have to spend lots of time in typing those passwords.

That’s where Single single-on (SSO) comes in where a single login permits users to access multiple applications of the same organization.


With this technology, users don’t need to type passwords again and again. Just enter one password and the user gets access to all the applications for the same session. Once the user logged into a website that is protected with SSO, he doesn’t need to login again for any of the other services.

For enterprises, it is a boon. They don’t have to spend money in managing and creating multiple accounts of users. In case when an employee left the office, IT team don’t have to worry about closing all the accounts. They only need to deactivate the central account of the user and all the remaining accounts will be deactivated automatically. This saves both time and money.

For users, the solution improves their experience by saving their time on typing passwords, removes password fear and leads them to explore more web content.

There are many different protocols used for achieving SSO. There is the SAML which is based on XML standards, Auth0, etc.

Therefore, the solution is equally beneficial for both the users and businesses. If you want to add more, let me know in the comment box.


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