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The Growth of Identity Management Solution

Managing users identities securely is one of the greatest challenges that businesses are facing. It is easy for businesses who have limited numbers of customers but for businesses whose customers are in millions and growing day by day for them, it is quite difficult. The identity and access management (IAM) is a solution that helps them in managing customers


Many businesses hire a separate team of IT and invest thousands of dollars on resources. They also require separate space to keep their systems. In short, lots of challenges and extra efforts. But still, security at risk. The In-house solution is not a secure solution, it also cost more. For So, businesses hire some third-party service providers to manage their customers data. identity.

According to Frost and Sullivan’s research, identity and access management challenges are more business-centric than technology-centric. And it is true if you come up with solutions that benefit business then it is obvious that you will implement technology that suits or works best for you. The same research suggests that areas such as authentication, administration, and auditing are developing technologies to improve service efficiency and reduce cost.

Meanwhile, emerging technologies like, Identity as a service (IDaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) are driving the growth to IAM technology.

The shifting of an enterprise solution to the cloud created a complex architecture that needs advanced IAM solutions than traditional identity solutions. One more advancement in the identity field is integrating the cloud solution with mobile.The day is not far when the number of mobile users overtakes desktop user in term of accessing the internet.
Therefore to draw more attention, many identity vendors have already started to offer mobile-friendly IAM platform. Accessing the internet and availing services using mobile phones not only improves customers experience but also helps businesses to catch more customers and improve profits.


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