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Why Single Sign-On Solution Is Critical?

With the help of credentials (username and password) businesses ensure that the user who is accessing the services are authorized. Passwords are the first line of control to keep the bad guy out. Regarding modern digital world, users have lots of online resources that have to be accessed on the regular basis. Therefore, it is natural that to keep themselves comfortable, most of the time they use their email id as username and keep the same password wherever possible. Or if keep them different, we create passwords that are easy to remember. For us, they are easy to remember but at the same time, they are easy to guess.

Do you think it is a cool idea? Simply, No! If you keep the same set of credentials for the multiple accounts without considering any security concern, you are in big trouble. If someone manages to get your password, he can access all the resources belong to you.

This is where the single sign-on comes in. I am not saying, the solution provides hundred percent assurance to the safety but it minimizes the probabilities.

Users can access multiple online applications and resources by login to any of the websites that are protected by the SSO solution. It is a high-level term defined to explain a scenario where a user can enjoy access to multiple websites using one set of credentials. Again, single point of security.

Although the solution is quite similar to creating the same password for all the accounts but from the security point of view, there are some benefits of SSO over normal methods. Some of them are:

SSO is SAML (security assertion and markup language) based solution. And SAML is completely based on XML. The solution uses highly encrypted keys, which is almost impossible for hackers to view.

The other reason is, if the user has only one password to create, he creates it strong and hard to guess. But again, this is only a probability.


The SSO solution is one of the best ways to improve user experience while login to multiple websites. It has several other benefits like it reduces support help desk cost, improves productivity, centralized management etc.


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