Identity management

IT Security Touchpoints

IT department has become an interesting topic these days. It is not limited to computing and networks, it has grown to several other things- including hybrid systems, cloud, risk management, security, artificial intelligence, the list is endless. The head of It department including Enterprise security and risk professionals and chief security officers have need to know everything about IT dynamics.

The world of IT is highly complex and it is connected through several technical devices. Therefore, the risk is very high. In this article, I am going to list down some touch points of IT security and some methods to achieve It security.

Focus on super accounts

Always have an eye on super accounts. Session playback and session monitoring are the two features that go long way in ensuring the security of digital assets. It is very important to know how privileged users are accessing the services, how they are logging in and out, it helps in blocking any suspicious activities on the account.

Offer two-factor authentication

Passwords alone are not secure in a world where cyber criminals acquire thousands of new methods to hack a system and credentials. Therefore it is must to have some additional factors along with the passwords.

The two-factor authentication ( )

is one such method that adds an extra security layer. In order to get access, users have to face two separate phase of authentication. At the first phase they have to provide their username and password and in the next phase may be in the form of OTP or biometric factor.

Adopt SUBA

To provide complete security, there is a need to know each and every activity of the users which includes their actions, data exfiltration etc. It also helps businesses to gain a unified view of users.

So, friends, these are some of the touchpoints that you need on focus to protect your users data and credentials from cyber attackers. If you have doubt or want to add something, mention them in the comment section below.


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