Do You Hate Passwords? Try Single Sign-on

Do You Hate Passwords? Definitely yes, who love them? I hate to remember a complex set of some characters and numbers. As the day passes, the number of online resources are increasing. This simply means more resources and their respective passwords.

On an average, we have more than 5 set of usernames and passwords and the number is continuously growing. That means we have to face more troubles in future. We have to remember more passwords.

But what do you do? You hate remembering passwords. Don’t worry, here I am going to introduce you to an awesome technique named single sign-on solution or SSO which reduces the fear of passwords.

So, what actually SSO is?

I hope you already guessed it from the name itself. Single sign on means a single point of login where you can enjoy authentication to multiple websites using one set of credentials. No need to enter the credentials over and over in order to access services of the same business.

A single password is the solution for all the related websites and online services. Apart from the passwords, the solution also has some other benefits.

Some of them are:

It improves the experience: With one password to remember in mind, users can enjoy easy web authentication. With just one click of the mouse, they can enjoy several services.

Saves time: As I mentioned, there is no need to enter passwords again and again, this saves users time.

Improves productivity: By saving time, of web authentication, users can focus more on the web content and other things. This definitely improves productivity.

The above-mentioned benefits are from the user point of view. The SSO solution is beneficial for both users and the business.

For businesses, it saves money by reducing the cost of support help desk. It also simplifies the process of managing users credentials.

These are some benefits of the single sign-on solution. If you have an online business with multiple associated websites and applications, SSO is a great platform for you which not only saves your users from the passwords but also saves your money.



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