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Single Sign On for Curing Password Problems

Passwords are considered as our little secrets. So little but very powerful. Just a string of alphabets, number, and some special symbols holds a great strength in the automated world. We are surrounded by the dozens of passwords for several accounts we have. We have separate passwords for online banking, social media platforms, email logins, and lots more.

In addition to these, we also have passwords for several accounts that we need to access at the office. It is not possible for people to manage multiple accounts and remember multiple passwords.

The single sign-on service is a solution which helps us from the critical situation. We can understand the concept of SSO service using the following example.

You along with your family is on 2 day holiday to Washington DC. Your first destination is a Natural museum of natural history. For getting tickets you stand in a long line and lost your limited time. The next you are planning to visit National Zoological Park, National gallery of art and so on. To get entry, you need tickets and to get tickets, you have to stand in a queue for each destination.

At the end of the day, the only thing you enjoy is standing in a line which is not your purpose of visit. Now imagine, what if I say, you only buy a single combo ticket and enjoy entry to all the listed tourist places of Washington. That means with one ticket you can enjoy all the places. Now you can enjoy more with your family and save yourself from the line.

The single sign-on service works on the same principle. Users don’t have to create accounts separately for all the accounts belong to a single business. Only he needs to create a single account and with one password he can enjoy all the related services.

The approach saves users time and he can focus more on his core job instead of remembering passwords. This way the SSO solution helps in curing password problems.


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