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Identity as a Service:New Choice of Online Business

Today technology has influenced everyone professionally and personally. Most of the businesses took this change in a positive aspect and molded themselves accordingly. Although resources and investments were there it brought out significant results. Businesses today are running on certain choices they have made technologically and are regular in their processes. Businesses are looking for… Continue reading Identity as a Service:New Choice of Online Business


Aspects Of Two-Factor Authentication

In this digital era, cyber attacks are very common. We often hear the news of cyber threats. So, this is the peak time where we need to secure ourselves from the external threats. Two-factor authentication is a solution that secures us from external threats. In this article, I am going to explain some of the… Continue reading Aspects Of Two-Factor Authentication

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Single Sign On for Curing Password Problems

Passwords are considered as our little secrets. So little but very powerful. Just a string of alphabets, number, and some special symbols holds a great strength in the automated world. We are surrounded by the dozens of passwords for several accounts we have. We have separate passwords for online banking, social media platforms, email logins,… Continue reading Single Sign On for Curing Password Problems


Do You Hate Passwords? Try Single Sign-on

Do You Hate Passwords? Definitely yes, who love them? I hate to remember a complex set of some characters and numbers. As the day passes, the number of online resources are increasing. This simply means more resources and their respective passwords. On an average, we have more than 5 set of usernames and passwords and… Continue reading Do You Hate Passwords? Try Single Sign-on

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IT Security Touchpoints

IT department has become an interesting topic these days. It is not limited to computing and networks, it has grown to several other things- including hybrid systems, cloud, risk management, security, artificial intelligence, the list is endless. The head of It department including Enterprise security and risk professionals and chief security officers have need to… Continue reading IT Security Touchpoints

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Why Single Sign-On Solution Is Critical?

With the help of credentials (username and password) businesses ensure that the user who is accessing the services are authorized. Passwords are the first line of control to keep the bad guy out. Regarding modern digital world, users have lots of online resources that have to be accessed on the regular basis. Therefore, it is… Continue reading Why Single Sign-On Solution Is Critical?

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The Growth of Identity Management Solution

Managing users identities securely is one of the greatest challenges that businesses are facing. It is easy for businesses who have limited numbers of customers but for businesses whose customers are in millions and growing day by day for them, it is quite difficult. The identity and access management (IAM) is a solution that helps… Continue reading The Growth of Identity Management Solution