Aspects Of Two-Factor Authentication

In this digital era, cyber attacks are very common. We often hear the news of cyber threats. So, this is the peak time where we need to secure ourselves from the external threats. Two-factor authentication is a solution that secures us from external threats. In this article, I am going to explain some of the… Continue reading Aspects Of Two-Factor Authentication

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Single Sign On for Curing Password Problems

Passwords are considered as our little secrets. So little but very powerful. Just a string of alphabets, number, and some special symbols holds a great strength in the automated world. We are surrounded by the dozens of passwords for several accounts we have. We have separate passwords for online banking, social media platforms, email logins,… Continue reading Single Sign On for Curing Password Problems

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Managing customers isnt been so easy

For a business, customers are every things today. Sooner or later businesses have learn that it’s the customers which drive a business, to the business which drives customers. Previously it was business who roll out a certain product and service and wait for customers to use them but today with increase in competition, things are… Continue reading Managing customers isnt been so easy


security measures for securing identities

Security for website is a big factor on which businesses spend heavily on. For securing customer identities and confidential information, various measures are taken. Customer Identity is one of the valuable assets of a businesses. It is an important asset because today every business is customer centric and every customer data is important. So need… Continue reading security measures for securing identities


Users and security awareness:things which needs to be taught

Even though the best antivirus products, firewalls, and other security related softwares & hardwares are not 100% secure. Often the weakest element in the process of security is the user itself. One must ensure that users in the environment have a basic understanding of information security and a bit of common sense. Various technologies like… Continue reading Users and security awareness:things which needs to be taught


The era of passwordless authentication

Password is the only key which allows visitors or uses to authenticate to a property. Whether it is website or service, passwords are needed so as to authenticate oneself. Today they have become an important part of our online identities. Wherever we visit, whatever we do, passwords are needed. Why we need a passwordless world?… Continue reading The era of passwordless authentication

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otp authentication: Revolution to authentication security on an website.

Today security is one of the major concern pinching businesses at wrong places while in development and deployment. On every point security is maintained to ensure data is safe whether it is internally in a business or on their online platform. Security for online platform is as important as internal security of an business. There… Continue reading otp authentication: Revolution to authentication security on an website.